Life Lessons of First Love
Life Lessons of First Love

I learned that you should never give up on the person you love, but when they give up on you, its time to give up on them. I learned that promises are always meant to be broken and that you should never give a person your “all.” I learned that relationships ultimately end in two ways: marriage or breakup. I learned that the secret ingredient to a strong relationship is maturity, because it takes so much maturity to overcome all obstacles and to love to the fullest. I learned that the one person you never thought would hurt you, WILL. I learned that you are my first love, but now, you aren’t my last. I learned to not surrender all my happiness on a relationship or the person I love. I learned you never get over your first love. I learned about your flaws. I learned that in order to remain strong, I must first accept the truth. I learned that I have to love to the fullest and at the end of the day, at least I gave my all in making this work. I learned that I was the one who persevered and stayed strong, through thick and thin. I learned I was the one who didn’t give up first, but you. I learned to let go. I learned that I deserve better. 

This is what I learned.

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LAST NIGHT= too great. 
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Have some respect for your girl.
Your girlfriend is more of a bro than any other girl/guy will ever be.

I’m getting sick of being a second option when I place you as my priority.


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honestly like who do you think you are trying to mediate MY relationship when i dont even fucking know you! i wasted 2 hours of my time trying to be nice to you because i figured since you’re already a threat I might as well be on good terms with you.

But you know what, I’m over your stupid excuses. Texting a guy whose in a relationship saying “you’re soooooo drunk”, dancing in his room to demonstrate how “girls grind” at dances, asking him to be your date to your sorority (slut fest) party, and telling him to break up with me is flat out inappropriate. 

Do us both a favor and FUCK OFFF you disgusting slut. 

On a side note, I love watermelon. seriously like the best thing of life. okay bye.